It’s tricky and it depends who you ask.

According to Merriam Webster licorice iseating black licorice a candy flavored with licorice or a substitute (such as anise) but the National Confectioners Association did a survey and only 3% of Americans like black licorice. Let’s face it, there's way more Twizzlers being eaten than Good and Plenties. Due to the market dominance of red licorice which out sells black by more than 10 to 1, the Manufacturing Confectioner's Journal defined licorice as an extruded candy made with wheat flour (wheat flour is what gives licorice its characteristic chewy texture). Kind of a weird definition but its the one we're going with because at Anya's Licorice we love licorice of all colors.

Fun Licorice Fact:  While black licorice is one of the first candies known to mankind, red licorice is an American original. Invented in the 1950's when the American Licorice Co. substituted corn syrup for molasses and added artificial flavor and red food dye to their traditional black licorice recipe.  Our red licorice is way better than those traditional twists and with none of the artificial stuff or corn syrup of the originals.  Try some today!